Dairy Beef Progeny Testing

. Tinopai BA Jed 1633 was accepted into the Dairy Beef Progeny Testing 2020 intake. We sent him off to Animal Breeding Services in the Waikato where they had to get 77 straws to send off to B+LNZ Genetics. They manged to get 144 straws so the balance is in storage with Animal Breeding Services. … Read more

Jed and Rye’s First Progeny

Our spring calving started on the 18th September 2019 and extended through to the last calf born on 27th October 2019. These calves were the first progeny of Jed and Ryes and we are impressed with the 19 bulls and 16 heifers calves they have sired. The calves birth weight averaged around 34 kgs and … Read more