Autumn Under-Sowing

Early start this morning to start Under-Sowing some of the paddocks. With it starting to rain, we had to stick to the easier contour paddocks. We are under-sowing this year with a perennial Rye/Clover mix which was $3.75/kilo

Farm Field Day

We held a field day at our Farm on Sunday 14th March. 15 fellow Red Devon breeders attended We started with a morning tea and then proceeded to inspect the bulls followed by the cows and calves. After having a look at the farm implements we had a lovely BBQ lunch (rolled lamb on a … Read more

Dairy Beef Progeny Testing

. Tinopai BA Jed 1633 was accepted into the Dairy Beef Progeny Testing 2020 intake. We sent him off to Animal Breeding Services in the Waikato where they had to get 77 straws to send off to B+LNZ Genetics. They manged to get 144 straws so the balance is in storage with Animal Breeding Services. … Read more