About Wiltshire Sheep

  • Originally a horned breed from the West Country of England
  • The West Country end of England is the origin of Red Devon cattle
  • Polled variety introduced to NZ in 1970s
  • Easy care
  • Shed/moult their wool each spring – no shearing, no dagging, no flystrike
  • Perfect breed for lifestyle blocks and commercial farming
  • Highly fertile and fecund breed
  • Lean, succulent, tasty meat

Our Wiltshire sheep were sourced from breeders (West Country Stud) who have commercially bred polled Wiltshire sheep since 2004.

The sheep are hardy, good breeders, but best of all self-shedding so no shearing.

The sheep are bred for shedding capability, hardiness, good conformation, excellent feet and the ability to thrive.

The meat is lean and succulent.