After significant research Maggie and Hutch visited Macksville in NSW Australia to view Comet Windmills.

“We were after a sustainable way of drawing crystal clear water from great depths to service the farm and residence.”

We purchased a 7m (22’) fan diameter D Pattern Comet windmill during our Australian visit in March 2017 and it was erected by Comet staff that summer.

The windmill is located at an elevation of RL 160m and gravity feeds the entire property without the necessity for treatment or pumping.

The bore is 244m deep and the windmill delivers 1200 litres per hour in a gentle breeze.

It is possible to manually ‘govern’ the windmill to limit water take and with the provision of 60,000 litres of storage, no water is wasted.

The farm has a 1km long 63mm HDPE principal water main, 4km of 32mm ring mains and 3km of 25mm trough feeds.