2019 Bull Calves

2019 Spring Bull Calves grazing during lock down

Autumn Undersowing

Undersowing 60 acres of Barenburg Agriseed Govenor Rye with Apex Clover Mix.

Spring Calves

7 month old calves racing into new paddock for feed

Jed and Rye’s First Progeny

Our spring calving started on the 18th September 2019 and extended through to the last calf born on 27th October 2019.

These calves were the first progeny of Jed and Ryes and we are impressed with the 19 bulls and 16 heifers calves they have sired.

The calves birth weight averaged around 34 kgs and coat colour is predominantly dark red. Will add further posts as they mature.

2019 spring calves
2019 spring calves


Over the last few months the flowers on the Manuka and Kanuka within our conservation areas have been spectacular.

Looking down over the native bush you would have thought it had snowed as the canopy area was white.

The recently planted native trees are flourishing and the planting within the wetland areas are establishing.

While installing a new trough last week we spotted a Lark which hasn’t been seen on the farm for a while.

Going pass the wetlands and native bush areas it is nice to see the native birds, frogs and other wildlife thriving. We are sure this is partly due to protecting the areas as well as completing pest control.

Flowering Manuka