Since taking over the farm in 2016, Maggie and Hutch have cleared invasive exotic trees and weed species, and planted 150,000 native seedlings.

The focus of the native revegetation has been within the steeper hill country and riparian margins of the waterways.

The farming operations have been carefully planned so that the environmental effect is positive and carbon neutral.

The steps to achieve sustainability include:

  • 160 acres of native bush
  • Planting 40 acres of revegetation native bush
  • Fenced races incorporating grassed treatment swales
  • Fenced watercourses planted with generous riparian margins
  • Low stocking densities
  • Active weed and pest control
  • 60% of farmland in native vegetation

‘In the short time since the conservation works commenced, we have seen a marked increase in bird life, frogs, dragon flies and water quality.’

Maggie and Hutch have a daily routine of travelling the ‘possum run’ to empty and re-set traps for all types of introduced pests.

Since 2016 Hutch and Maggie have planted 150,000 native plants, however, they have a fair way to go yet.

‘It’s so satisfying to see the forest floor regenerate and the new seedling plantings flourish. The return of birdlife is noticeable and the fish life in the creeks is abundant!’

All the streams on our farm have been riparian planted and fenced off and the clear waterways are abundant with fish life, including Koura (native crayfish) and mature Kokopu.

Now that the fenced riparian planting has been established the waterways are:

  • Clean
  • Protected
  • Abundant with fish life
  • A place to enjoy